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Phase 2 of tose-eh-Industrial Town , Urmia - IRAN

An Introduction to Azar Laban Shad

Azar Laban Shad co. Was established on a plot of land 10,400 m2 in area and roofed area of 3,000 m2 in the city of urmia in 2006 to satisfy part of the national dairy needs with an internationally approved quality. with the purpose of producing the most diverse dairy products in highest quality employing state-of-the-art trchnology we intend to feed the Iranian market across the country and the countries in the region, with the trade mark “Tamal”. We honor to produce our products from pure natural raw materials and free of preservatives

A Review of the Reception and Production Lines

Reception and production lines of Azar laban Shad , has employed the latest technologies of west Europe in dairy industries . Using ultra-advanced machinery of alpha Laval of Sweden , A.P.V of Denmark , and Siemens of Germany , Tamal is able to process 100 tons of raw milk per shift and to change them into delicious and natural products of UF cheese , Cream cheese , Different Yoghurts and Sour milk , Cream , and Flavores Milks all done fully automatic . Now , it’s the time for you to have access to what you wanted .

Lab and Quality Control

Azar laban shad’s lab and quality control unit is equipped with the most modern and advanced lab tools, machines and equipment like other parts of factory .
This unit which consists of two labs for milk reception and production , precisely checks the microbial and physicochemical specifications of the milk comparing them with the international standards, then the accepted milk enters into the production line and rechecked by the quality control , quality improvement and guarantee units. Later, the product goes to product control lab which includes chemical, microbial and incubation sections. Followeing these stages, the product enters into quality control unit for the final check and goes into market as a sound and natural foodstuff.
Now, Tamal is beside you and your family as prescription of health.

Healthy Environment, Healthy Product

Water consumption and domestic and industrial wastewater production drastically increase as the urban and industrial activities expand day by day . Removing such waste waters into natural resources has polluted them to such extent that today , one of the basic challenges facing most of the urban and industrial communities is soil and water pollution . Because , this pollution influences human health directly and indirectly . Meanwhile , environmental protection standards strive to practice restrictions in favor of diminishing pollution of the wastewater receiving natural resources . To this effect , Azar laban shad Co. , Made effort from the very beginning to preserve the natural environment against pollution by realizing its own water treatment plant on plot of land 500 m2 in area complete with a roofed area of above 100 m2 , as well as two concrete reservoirs each with the capacity of 250’000 m3 and the appurtenant installations, observing all the sanitary and safety measures . Made of reinforced concrete, the wastewater treatment plant of this company was planned with a look at the future and type of sewage, resulting in a treatment capacity of 500 m3 per day , acting as a Anaerobic Reactor . The COD at the entrance and exit is 3’800 mg/lit and 90 mg/lit, respectivesly .